August 17, 2009

Job Hunting Ends Here

Analysts are saying that the economy is on the road to recovery. The house prices have risen, the stock market is going up and with Goldman Sachs and Barclays reporting profits for the second quarter, things are slowly but steadily get back to normal.

These are truly great signs for job seekers as unemployment rates have touched record levels and are beginning to come down. Keeping this in mind, Business Bowl decided to share this unique resource with our visitors: the Job Market Access Center

The interesting thing about the JMAC is that it gives job seekers access to jobs before they are published and to those jobs which are not published at all. With employers trying to save money, it’s all but natural for employers to save money on publishing jobs in the main stream media. Also, JMAC provides a quick an easy way to register with no long forms to fill. Instead, after filling out a form of basic contact information, all one needs to do is copy and paste the resume in a text area and its all done. The JMAC team then analyses the resume free of charge and gets back to you with recommendations for making it better.

So if you’re looking for work or looking to switch jobs, Job Market Access Center has answers for you.

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