August 14, 2009

Business Idea: Your very own Online Store

From time to time, people have tried to make easy money off the internet. Some claim to have done so and claim to have made riches. The truth of the matter is, there is NO such thing as making easy money off the internet. Although there are ways to earn a passive income online and if enough time and dedication is put into online efforts, it can yield huge rewards.

Imagine running an online store which portrays your creativity with out the hassle of keeping an inventory, processing orders, taking payments, shipping, customer service and the list goes on and on.......Say hello to Spread Shirt!!! offers individuals to open t-shirt shops for free where the t-shirts can be custom designed by the shop owner. Every t-shirt has a base price which goes to Spread shirt and then the shop owner decides his or her cut. Lets say the base price of a t-shirt is $10 and you decide your commission to be $5 then the final price of the t-shirt will be $15. When the t-shirts is sold, you earn $5!

Since its inception, Spread Shirt has added a host of new items which can be customized. From T-shirts to dog shirts; from hoodies to neck ties, they have it all. And the list keeps on growing.

The key to selling your items on SpreadShirt is originality. Either you can pick the graphics available on Spread Shirt or choose to add your own. The graphics need to be in vector form which is format in which the graphics don’t loose their sharpness when resized, to put in simple terms. There are a lot of sites that offer royalty free vector graphics which means they are free for commercial use. You would also need a vector graphics editor which you can use to edit your designs before uploading them on to your store. Inkscape is just one free editor. You would need some time to get comfortable using it. Just think of it as an upgraded version of MS paint.

Another important aspect to the success of your store would be its promotion. There are many ways you can do that. Create a facebook page for your store and ask all your friends to join. Submit your store URL to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumble upon. They are a great source for getting people to a page. Posting comments on blogs and forums is also effective as long as you don’t spam.

Overall, Spread shirt is a great way to start earning that extra income that you always wanted. Again, it requires time and effort with a little bit of creativity.


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